Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Removing Hydrogen Sulfide (Rotten-Egg Odors) with Peroxide and carbon

Dear CWS,

Our water has a severe rotten-egg odor problem in both the cold and hot water.  It is worse in the summer, although we don’t know why.  A friend suggested we try hydrogen peroxide, can you send me information on this?  Can it remove iron and sulfur odors as well?

Walter T.

Hello Walter,

Thanks for emailing regarding to treating your well water.

You are correct, a very effective method to treat this water is by using Peroxide (H2O2) injection to destroy/oxidize the level of Sulfur.  Once injected we allow for appropriate retention time with the H2O2 so it can work to destroy odors, etc. and then simply filter the oxidized particulate with a Coconut Shell Catalytic Carbon filter. 

In this application the metering pump would be wired to come on with the well, and then whenever energized a dilution of peroxide would be injected to oxidize odors for filtration by the Carbon filter.  This system will remove the residual peroxide, dissolved oxygen, along with other tastes and odors from the treated water as well.  

There are many benefits of using Peroxide to treat water, one of the main being Peroxide does not tend to create harmful Disinfectant By-Products which chlorine does.  Maintenance costs are similar to Chlorination, Peroxide does cost a bit more typically however the benefit is not using chlorine whatsoever.  Here is a link to additional information on our site in relation to Peroxide as well:

The following will include product links, pricing, as well as additional information on the components necessary.  The one concern I do have are the reported pin-hole leaks which is typically the result of having acidic (low) pH water.  I’d strongly suggest a pH test to be done before moving forward in case a Neutralizer will also be necessary.

Precision-24 Metering Pump with 15 Gallon Solution Tank:                    

Precision-24 Metering PumpExtremely versatile pump comes in either 115 or 220 volt so as to be wired to come on whenever your well or pressure system is energized.  Works with well water flow rates from 1 – 50 Gallons per Minute (GPM).  All installation information is provided as well as our tech-support.

Output rating:  0.1 – 24 Gallons per Day (GPD).  Pressure rating:  Will inject into lines with up to 110 PSI.  Digital speed adjustment allows for quick changes to pump output.

Check out this link for more product information.

Additional features:  Degassing Valve is built in which makes this great for chlorination use.  System includes Chlorination Pump, 10 Gallon Solution Tank, Injection Check Valve, tubing and installation fittings.  25 & 35 Gallon tanks also available for additional cost. 

                                      Excellent Warranty:  1 year on the Metering Pump
40 Gallon Contact Tank 

40 Gallon Contact Tank
The CT-40 tank is a durable easy-to-install retention tank designed to provide optimum contact time during chemical treatment. These lightweight seamless totally non-corrosive retention tanks are ideal for new and replacement installation where durability is at a premium. 100% non-metallic polymer materials. Impervious to chemical attack.  Comes with  1-1/4 inch inlet.

2 sizes to choose from, same price.  Either 16”Diameter x 58”Tall or 21” Diameter x 36” Tall
Check out this link for more product information.

                                  Excellent Warranty:  5 Years from date of installation.

Neutra Sul Hydrogen Peroxide NSF Grade for Drinking Water
Neutra Sul Hydrogen Peroxide NSF Grade for Drinking Water                            

Safe to use 7% solution.  Case of 4  1-gallon containers.   NSF Certified for Drinking Water

Average use is 1/2 gallon to 1 gallon per month depending on level of odors and amount of water used.

Check out this link for more product information.

   Coconut Shell Catalytic Carbon Filter 7000 1.5 cu. Ft.                          
Coconut Shell Catalytic Carbon Filter 7000All the filter media you need for the system is included.  Excellent for use in removing water with Chlorine/Chloramines, dissolved oxygen, Peroxide, and ozone in addition to improving overall quality by removing many tastes and odors.  Catalytic Carbon has a much longer life and higher flow rates than standard activated Carbons.

Cost-effective, high-flow control valve will not reduce your flow or water pressure.

Dimensions: 10" diameter x 54" height, with valve 61”   1” or ¾" pipe connectors and bypass included.Check out this link for more product information.