Sunday, June 14, 2015

1500 Gallon Per Day Whole House Reverse Osmosis Systems – Too Big or Too Small for a Family?

You  had sent me information on a whole house RO system.  My only real concern is with the Commercial RO unit.  I think our capacity may perhaps reach 1500 gpd, but that may be well into the future.  There's only the two of us living here at the moment.  I think we could get by with a smaller unit of say 500 gpd?

Do you have a schematic of how all this equipment is to be connected?  Any thoughts?

Hello Kelly,

Unfortunately, the 1500 Gallon Per Day (GPD) designation is a little misleading, it means that it could produce 1500 gallons across a span of 24 hours of the system running in operation, but in reality that would take place over many days. 
So you wouldn’t actually see 1500 gallons of water treated water created in a single calendar day- for your water quality, it would be more like 500 to 700 gallons or so.

The actual rate of production for this system ends up being something like just 0.8 gallons per minute after the system has been in service for a month or so.  That means if it ran non-stop for 8 hours then you could yield nearly 400 gallons or so.  So that’s why this is our smallest whole-house reverse osmosis system available, and that’s also why it needs to be set up feeding a large enough storage tank such that you can’t run out of water.

Here’s a diagram showing everything installed.  
I hope this helps, please let us know if you have any other questions.