Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Are Upflow Neutralizers Better than Backwash Calcite Neutralizers?

What would the difference be with yours and the 10x54 non-backwashing acid neutralizer that I saw from another company?


Hi Brian,

Those are non-backwashing units which we do not usually recommend for well water.  An upflow neutralizer does not backwash and the media can harden over time and cause pressure drop.    however in times where backwashing isn’t an option due to space, etc. you can use them.

Here’s a link to the non-backwashing Upflow Neutralizers we offer, these include the media, bypass valve, funnel, and pipe connectors at no additional charge

As we discussed your water test has been completed. Your water is quite acidic being at a pH of 6.3 which is easily fixed by implementing an Acid Neutralizer.  All other results appear to be in good shape so as such no other filtration is recommended at this time.

This Neutralizer system will raise the pH to a Neutral level, around 7 – 7.5, will stop and prevent pin-hole leaks from occurring and also reduce/remove any copper residuals in the water as well.

As the raw water in this case at 6.6 I would recommend a standard Calcite (Calcium Carbonate) system.  Many customers with this type of water used to have blue-green stains from copper pipe corrosion and after installing a Neutralizer see their blue stains disappear within a few weeks.  The Neutralizer filter comes with everything you need including necessary Calcite media along with simple installation instructions.  Any plumber or person familiar with basic plumbing can install them.

This system is properly sized to treat your home with 2.5 bathrooms along with 4 people so as to avoid unwanted pressure loss.  The heavy-duty 5900e control-valve is NSF certified, features a digital display, and is quite user friendly as well.

The following will provide images, product links, as well as a brief description on the components as recommended.

Neutralizer Filter 5900e Series - 1.5 Cubic Foot Size                           

Raises pH and prevents copper corrosion, uses standard tank with gravel.  Includes Free pH test kit to insure of proper operation.  Rugged heavy-duty Digital NSF-Certified backwash control valve features fully adjustable backwash and rinse cycles saving water and allowing maximized performance.  Much longer life than cartridges or Upflow Neutralizers.

Dimensions: 10" diameter x 61" height   ¾" or 1” pipe connectors and bypass is included.  Will ship in several boxes, all installation instructions will be emailed to you for review.  We also offer professional tech-support should you need it.

Neutralizer Filter 5900e Series
For more information about our acid neutralizer, please visit this link.