Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Chlorine Feed or Air Charger Iron Filter?


I would like to size a MangOX filter but need to know if the system needs an air charger.

Some info about my system:

7.5 GPM flow rate
7.5 pH
4 users

I have an upstream chlorinator and dwell tank (15 ppm free chlorine on input, much less but unknown at output).  I have a softener downstream that cannot cope with the iron.  When is an air charger justified?

Peter W.

Hello Peter,
Air chargers are useful when you need to oxidize particulate in your water before filtration, such as when filtering iron or odors.  They are generally preferred by people who do not want to use chlorine or other chemicals to oxidize the contaminants in their water.  Since you have a chlorinator and contact tank upstream, no air charger or optional chlorine side tank is needed, nor recommended. 
Since you have 7.5 GPM flow rate, we recommend a 1.0 CF model.  You can get a 1.5 CF model if you have a large size pressure tank (80 gallons) with a 25 or 35 gallon drawdown, but the 1.0 CF 9" x 48" tank will work well for a system supporting 4 people.

Pro-OX 1650 Iron Filter
For your application we recommend a Pro-OX 1650 Iron Filter Series 948. This system is similar to our MangOX iron filters, but comes with Pro-OX filter media, which uses the same quality high-purity manganese dioxide as the MangOX brand.  Besides that, not much is different: you'll still be able to set your filter to automatically backwash itself, and you'll still get the same Enpress tank with Vortech distributor tube, which will allow you to backwash your filter with less water, thereby saving you money on water and energy.  The tank and valve are still non-corrosive, NSF-certified, and built to last for many years; even the Pro-OX media inside  should last upwards of ten years, saving you money and effort that would otherwise be spent to replace it.

We hope this information helps you find the right system. If you have any other questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to email or contact us on Facebook. Thanks for the letter!