Thursday, January 30, 2014

Can I Remove Very Fine Sand with a Lakos Sandmaster?


Do you think 60 mesh is the proper size screen for fine silica sand? In your experience, how effective have the Sandmaster sediment trappers been for removing fine sand? Should I re-install one of my whole-house filters downstream of the sediment trapper, or is that overkill?


Chad L.

Hi Chad,

A 60 mesh filter will probably be too big for fine silica sand, especially if you intend to use it without an additional filter. The Lakos Sandmaster will remove sand down to about 200 mesh (74 microns) pretty reliably, though it uses centrifugal force as opposed to a screen separator.  The thing about mesh sizes is that as they decrease, so does their ability to filter small particles: if the Sandmaster can't filter sand below below 74 microns - about the size of the holes in a 200 mesh screen - a 60 mesh filter screen will not be able to filter that sand either.  Thus, for super fine grit and sand below 74 microns in size, we recommend installing a whole house filter with a finer screen around 270 mesh (5 microns).  Instead of installing it downstream, however, you should install it as a pre-filter before the Sandmaster.
Big Blue Dual Grade 50/5
Micron Cartridge Filter

We generally recommend a whole house dual grade big blue filter (50/5 microns) for this purpose.  The dual grade big blue filter can hold a lot of sediment without reducing the pressure in your system, but it's required that you change the filter cartridge frequently if you'll be filtering a lot of sediment.  You could get a big blue filter with a pleated cartridge, which can be washed in chlorinated water and re-used, but these filters are more prone to clogging and causing pressure loss in your system.

We hope that answers your questions, Chad.  If you require any further assistance please don't hesitate to e-mail or drop us a line on Facebook.  And don't forget to keep us up to date on your system - we love to receive pictures and testimonials!  Thanks for the letter!