Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mainly Concerned with Removing Iron and Manganese


Here is the state lab report for my well: 

  • Calcium (Carbonate) 180 mg/L 
  • Magnesium, Total 6.2 mg/L 
  • Sodium, Total 190 mg/L 
  • Alkalinity, Total 140 mg/L 
  • Chloride 5.0 mg/L 
  • Sulfate 550 mg/L 
  • Corrosivity-Langlier 0.54 

This is a new house with a newly-drilled well, so I suspect that the coliform will be taken care of with a couple of chlorine shock treatments. I am mainly concerned with removing iron and manganese, softening the water, and probably under-kitchen-sink RO for drinking water. Your thoughts on best system components? 


Geoff K.


Pro-OX 8500
Iron Filter
For your application we recommend a Pro-OX 8500 iron filter and CWS Plus 7000 Softener.  For a high-quality under-sink RO system we recommend an SQC4, though we also have lower-priced RO systems that will do the job.  

The Pro-OX 8500 will effectively remove iron in water while saving energy and water thanks to its Enpress tank with Vortech distributor screen, which allows for backwashing at lower flow rates, with less water.  The valve is very easy-to-use and features a built-in flow sensor that tracks water use and starts backwashing after a specified amount of usage and/or time.  Plus, the MangOX media inside will last for over 10 years, unlike Greensand or Birm which will only last for a few years before needing to be replaced.  Note that if your manganese levels are over .05 ppm, we also recommend a potassium permanganate tank be installed with the iron filter.

CWS Plus 7000
Softener and Brine Tank
Our CWS Plus 7000 Softener will do wonders for pipes and fixtures affected by scale and calcium build-up, and, like the Pro-OX iron filter, can measure your water usage and backwash itself automatically after a given amount of water usage or time passed.  And because this system regenerates based on your actual water usage, you'll be saving on salt, water, and maintenance time for years to come.

Finally, the SQC4 under-sink RO filter will remove chemicals, organic compounds, and 98-99% of total dissolved solids in up to 33 gallons per day (depending on water pressure and inlet water quality).  This system is NSF-certified and features easy-changing filters for pure, hassle-free water right at your tap.

We hope this information helps you decide on the right system for your application.  If you're not sure about these recommendations, you can browse more of our well water treatment systems in our online store; if you have any further questions or concerns, please e-mail us at support@cleanwaterstore.com or leave us a comment on Facebook.  Thanks for the letter, Geoff!