Monday, October 8, 2012

Question About MacClean Iron Filter Media MC-10P

Hello Gerry -  I have a Maclean Iron Filter.  I don’t think the “chem-free” iron filters work as advertised! I have been using a media called MC-10P (2cu.ft. 90lbs per cu.ft. total 180 lbs.) plus QC-50P Gravel (1/4 x 1/8 50lbs.).  It is very expensive  but I don't mind paying if it works correctly. The problem is, the water is only good for a few months after I change the media, then I start seeing iron staining again.

My pH is 5.8, so I also have to add something called MpH Adder (MpH04).  Now--How can you help? I don't mind changing this media on a scheduled basis, I just want something that will work!! My filter looks just like all the others I have seen on the net, and I hope I can find some better, longer-lasting media than what I have been using. What do you suggest?

Phil in Oklahoma

Dear Phil,

We do have a blend of iron filter media called the "  Terminator Aqua Blend, 1 Cu Ft, Box: Aqua Blend combines Filter Ag, Birm, Calcite and Corosex and is the standard media in our Terminator Plus Systems."  This is a good substitute for the MC-10P media and generally works better, and lasts longer.

It has Corosex in it, to correct the acidic pH.

However, since your pH is so low, you would have to add more Corosex (same as mphAdder) to it every 2 -4 months just to keep the pH up to where it would work.

All the other iron filters (greensand, MangOX ,Birm etc) all require a neutral pH too.  So even if you wanted to convert your system to a MangOX or Greensand media iron filter, you would need to have a pH neutralizer of some kind in front of it.

The problem with the chem-free systems is, there is very little pH-correcting media in the tank.  If you had a soda ash feeder, or a calcite neutralizer tank, in front of the iron filter.. you could go a year before adding more media.  But since there is so little Corosex in the chem-free tank like what you have.. you may have to add more Corosex every 2 months.  

One other important factor:  for your system to work right, it must have air injection. Do you know if your air-injector is sucking in air when the pump runs?