Thursday, November 5, 2015

Whole House Filter as Shower Filter

Hello Lumo,

Thank you for contacting us through our website.  You wrote:

"I would like to use a whole house filter as a point of use shower filter. I would like to remove the existing shower head and attach a whole house filter which uses activated charcoal to remove chlorine, chloramines, disinfectant by-products, VOCs, etc. This set up will have the shower filter being pressurized only when the shower is in use. I have not found a section of your website which deals with this. Do you have knowledge of whole house filters being used as I have described?”

The problem is really just that whole-house filters tend to be a little too big for such a thing.  The smallest in-line whole-house filters are 2.5” x 9.75” in size, and their housings are bigger and bulkier than that.

You certainly could stick one right there where the line comes out of the wall to your shower head, and then place a shower head right after it, but that would be really unconventional.

Here’s a link to a 10” whole-house radial flow carbon cartridge assembly.  You could try it out and see if you have room for it.

Radial Carbon Big Blue 10 5 gpm


 - The filter housing is made from NSF listed pure polypropylene and will hold one high-flow 10inch filter cartridge. 

- Radial-Flow Carbon 1110-Poly-HF: 1 inch inlet 5 gallon per minute (gpm) recommended flow rate
16 gpm peak flow rate.

Really though, most people just go with a smaller, more compact filter that’s actually specifically designed for showers, like a Sprite shower filter.  We no longer sell shower filters, but you can find them pretty easily online.