Wednesday, November 4, 2015

UV System for Hot Water Odors: Myth or Fact?

 Hello Rob,

Thank you for contacting us through our website.  You wrote:

“I have a well. Recently I replaced my hot water tank. Shortly afterwards I began to get the rotten egg smell on the hot water side. As I understand it, the anode rod in the tank is reacting with the bacteria in the water. I do not want to remove the sacrificial anode rod and have heard that a UV filter will placed between my water softner and my hot water tank will take care of the odor. I need to know if the investment in this type of filter will be worth it”

We do not believe a UV system would eliminate hot water odors, and we wouldn’t recommend that you go that direction.

For the most part, the odor builds up in a water heater over time with hydrogen sulfide and bacteria, often in conjunction with a decaying anode rod.  Since you don’t want to change out or remove the rod, you may very well need to sanitize and disinfect the whole tank.

If you decide to try to work with the tank you have and just need a way to chemically sanitize it, we offer our Easy Water Heater Odor Killer Kit:


Rusco Hot Water Spin Down Filter

Rusco Hot Water Spin Down Filter

Includes Hot Water Filter 60 mesh 3/4" NPT thread.
Stainless steel screen. Includes valve for easy flushing.
Makes it fast and easy to add hydrogen peroxide to kill water heater odors
Safe non-toxic peroxide breaks down into oxygen and water after killing odors

* Kill Water Heater Odors with peroxide or chlorine bleach (peroxide recommended)
* Easy To Install 3/4" strainer screen installs on inlet to water heater

Click here for more information.

Here’s how it works:
·         Unscrew bottom sump on filter, add 1 pint of drug-store bought 3% hydrogen peroxide (peroxide not included, but available at all drug stores for a few dollars)
·         Turn water back on and run hot water for several minutes
·         Allow water heater to sit for 3 -4 hours
·         Odors are gone
·         Kills bacteria in water heaters
·         Eliminates odors and slime build-up