Friday, November 20, 2015

Grit in Water Causing Clogged Washing Machine

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lately we have had grit in our water. different sizes of black specs. It does clog our washing machine. The hot water heater seems to filter it since we only get it in the cold water.”
Generally, for sand, dirt and sediment removal, our sediment backwash filter is the best solution.  The high-purity, naturally mined zeolite ChemSorb media filters and removes sediment down to 5 microns.  Unlike filter cartridges that quickly become clogged and require frequent changes, the Backwash Sediment Filter automatically backwashes the sediment restoring water pressure. The media is easily changed and lasts for about 5 years.

Before entering the sediment backwash filter, you can pre-filter this water using a simple spindown strainer first, to remove the larger sand grains and suspended matter.  This will lengthen the lifespan of the backwash filter by making its job easier and preventing clogging of the media bed.

Rusco Spindown Pre-Filter, 3/4” ports, 60 mesh

Rusco Spindown Pre-Filter

The unique design of the sediment trapper element allows debris to settle in the bottom of the clear cover, trapping sediment away from the screen.

Great for removing large quantities of sediment. Includes 1/2" flush ball valve, but can be combined with the Rusco Auto-Flush Valve for automatic flushing.

See this link for more information.

Sediment Backwash Filter 5700E – 1.5 Cubic Foot Size

Sediment Backwash Filter 5700E

Excellent quality. Low maintenance.  Unlike filter cartridges which can trap sediment and dirt causing pressure drop these systems automatically backwash out trapped sediment alleviating pressure drop.

Filters down to five microns in size.

1" or 3/4" pipe size with bypass valve included
10" x 54" tank; 1.5 cubic foot of media;
See this link for more information.

See the diagram below: