Monday, June 22, 2015

Bacterial Iron Problem

Q: "I have a bacterial iron problem. pressure tank located in garage about 75 ft away, I have pretty good water pressure. I have a Culligan water softner in the the house. There are 4 people in the household. My thought is to inject chlorine, carbon filter then pressure tank. If this correct what would a solution cost? I'm in central Florida”

A: Chlorination with a carbon filter can work fairly well, because it does target bacteria and provide oxidation of iron.

However, there are a few considerations:
·         For one thing, it’s usually best to have a contact tank in place after the chlorine injection but prior to a filter stage, in order to give the chlorine sufficient time to react.  Usually a 30 gallon or 40 gallon tank is good for a 4 person household though it would also be useful to know what your flow rate is in gallons per minute.
·         You mention having the carbon filter stage installed before the pressure tank, are you specifically thinking of a cartridge type of filter?  A backwashing filter that flushes would not be able to be installed before a pressure tank, or else it wouldn’t be able to tell the well when to activate.  And bacterial iron accumulates at a fast enough rate such that it’s usually best to have a backwashing system.  So, usually the filter stage should be placed after the pressure tank.
·         Finally, depending on how much iron you have, you might be better-served with a filtration system that is actually geared towards the removal of iron.  Instead of activated carbon, we often recommend the Pro-OX backwashing iron filter system to do the job:

The Pro-OX iron filter is definitely our best system for oxidizing and filtering out manganese and iron.  It lasts a long time- usually around 6 to 8 years before needing to be replaced, and requires no maintenance.  It comes complete with all of the filtering media required, NSF-certified digital control valve, and it can oxidize and filter out high levels of iron.

Q: My water problem is mainly bacterial iron. I have the slim in the toilets. The water is slightly discolored and has hardly any smell. The plumbing fixtures and sinks are not rust stained. The house was built in 1990. Will the Pro-Ox system do the job by itself?

A:No, iron bacteria needs to be disinfected and killed off chemically.  So even if you filter all of the mineral iron content out with the Pro-OX system, the iron bacteria can build up in the filter tank, clog the system and send slimy iron bacteria biofilm buildup downstream into your home.

So if anything, you can get the small chlorine side tank along with the Pro-OX system.  That at least allows you to clean off and disinfect the media from time to time with a cup or two of bleach.  If you don’t want to inject chlorine into your water, then the small chlorine side tank is the next best thing.

Pro-OX Iron Filter 7000 1.5 CF

Pro-OX Iron Filter 7000 1.5 CF  
Pro-OX is a media that utilizes an oxidation-reduction reaction and filtration process similar to Greensand, but at a much higher level of performance.  Uses the Enpress tank with Vortech distributor which allows the Pro-Ox media to be backwashed at lower flow rates with less water, saving water and energy.

Dimensions: 10" diameter x 61" height   1” or ¾" pipe size

More product information here.