Thursday, October 30, 2014

How to Treat Rusty Hard Water Without Salt or Chemicals

 I have recently installed a new water well on my property in Texas.

Currently I have sent a water sample  into a local company for evaluation the results are pending as of now they have informed me there is no known bacteria in the sample provided.  My well produces a lot of iron sediment (rusty) and We have hard water.  My well produces aprox. Five gallons a minute of supply (2" well 1.5 h.p. Pump) I'm currently in need of a backwash water filtration unit and a salt free water softener.  I like your 5700e 1.0cf & 1.5cf series backwash system but unsure if this is the path I need to take please assist.

- Robert

Hello Robert,

Thank you for contacting us through our website. Ideally, we will need to see that local water test report to know for certain what will work best, but based on the information provided, yes, the Pro-OX iron filter is our best backwashing system to remove high iron and rust.  The salt-free Scale Stopper system that we sell comes with a carbon pre-filter that would help to take out additional iron, as well as tastes and odors.

Pro-Ox Iron Filter 5700-E Series, 0.75 cu. Ft, 115 Volt             

Pro-OX Iron Filter 1650 Series includes pipe connectors; by-pass valve; 1.0 cubic feet of Pro-OX Manganese Dioxide NSF Certified filter media; 10 x 44 inch filter tank; 5700-E automatic backwash control valve. Uses the Enpress tank with Vortech distributor which allows the Pro-OX media to be backwashed at lower flow rates with less water, saving water and energy.   

Dimensions: 10” diameter x 50” height with valve; Chlorine side tank is 10.5” diameter x 16” high

Excellent Warranty: 5 years on the control valve & 10 years on the mineral tank.


Scale Stopper Salt-Free System 4.0 Liter, 12gpm            

System comes complete with 1” bypass, pipe connectors, and 4.5 liters of Filtersorb SP3 media. 

Also includes a free prefilter carbon filter cartridge to improve tastes and odors and to protect the Filtersorb media.

Green alternative to water softener.  Maximum flow of 16 gallons per minute.
  When the inlet water goes into the water conditioner tank, the Scale Stopper media acts as a catalyst and pulls the hardness minerals of calcium and magnesium out of the solution and transforms these minerals into inactive Nano crystal particles.

Dimensions:  10” Diameter x 59.5” Tall with valve installed

Here is a diagram showing how the Scale Stopper System works: