Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Top Two Best Types of Filter Media for Iron Bacteria Removal

In October of 2012 I purchased a Fleck 7000SXT filtration system with the Enpress 10x44 Vortec tank.
I recently installed a chlorine injector to treat the water and I would like to know which media would be best for this tank to filter out the iron bacteria once the water has been injected with the chlorine.
Appreciate your help,

- Robert French
When using chlorine injection, the top two most effective filter media to use after chlorination is either Manganese Greensand or Pro-Ox Manganese Dioxide filter media. 
Greensand is a coated media which uses manganese oxide to remove iron and manganese.  The chlorine would serve to also keep the media regenerated.
Pro-Ox works similarly to greensand, however its manganese oxide content is much higher in comparison to greensand.  This allows it to work much more quickly and so afford higher flow rates. It also lasts about three times longer than greensand.
Due to its high manganese dioxide content, Pro-Ox is much denser and heavier, requiring a higher flow to properly backwash it.  Both options are very effective for treating your issue.