Friday, September 12, 2014

How to Backwash an Iron Filter With Filtered Well Water

I'm installing a chlorinator system and storage system, integrating my Mang/Ox Filter as well as Softener. The diagram provided by Clean Water Store is titled "CL-ST_CT_IF-MO_SOF_STOR_CWB".
This illustration shows a solenoid valve after the storage tank booster pump and leading to a tee upstream of the MangOx/Carbon, and Softener Trio. Question is, how do I open this Solenoid? Is there a control system output on the Fleck controllers when it is time to backflush, so they can open the solenoid valve for clean water? Or do I need to put a timer on the solenoid valve?
- Brian, Penngrove, CA”
The solenoid valves for the clean water backwash line are controlled by an auxiliary microswitch which can be installed on the control valve. 

When the filter backwashes, it will activate the microswitch, and close the solenoid valve feeding into the storage tank, while opening up the one on the clean water backwash line.  This will prevent untreated water from entering the storage tank as it is emptying to provide water for backwash.  I am including some more information on this switch below:

Auxiliary Switch Upgrade Fleck 7000
Auxiliary Microswitch Upgrade
For connecting to solenoid valves or external relays.
The solenoid valve on the feed into the storage tank would be a normally open valve, while the one on the clean water backwash line would be a normally closed valve.
I hope that this information has been helpful, but please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.