Friday, April 18, 2014

Will Salt Free Water Softeners Remove Chlorine?


Looking for whole house filter & salt free softener system. send me your recommended system with detail and price. I am on city water and our water seems a little hard, I was told it was 10 grains per gallon. We have a 2.5 bathrooms, 4 in our home. We would like chlorine-free, soft water, but my wife doesn't like salt softeners. Can I get a no-salt softener that also removes chlorine?

Springfield, MO

Hello Fred,

Thanks for contacting us regarding your question. Our Filtersorb no-salt system works well and comes with a whole carbon filter:

For your home we recommend the 4.0 liter model.  The carbon filter is separate and is easily installed before the conditioner. It will remove chlorine tastes and odors. We also have whole house carbon filter systems  that last for years and are more economical to operate than carbon cartridges.
upflow aquasorb carbon 1.0 cf
Upflow AquaSorb Carbon 1.0 CF
Salt-free water conditioners work by producing a catalytic reaction to convert calcium and magnesium in water to firm calcite crystals which are then carried away by the water flow once they reach a sufficient size (the nanometer range).  Thus, saltless water conditioners do not physically remove water hardness, but change the dissolved calcium carbonate into a type of calcite crystal that cannot attach to pipes or appliances to create hardness deposits.  The treated water will gradually remove existing hardness deposits, as well.
No-salt water conditioners also require less maintenance than normal softeners because they don’t need to be backwashed or regenerated – this makes them cheaper due to decreased water and energy usage, and eliminates the need to replace the brine solution, further increasing your savings over a normal water softener.  Normal water softeners can be easily replaced by saltless conditioners, as well.  You will see the same effects as with your normal softener, except that your water may not have that slippery, slimy feeling often reported with soft water because saltless conditioners don’t remove hardness, but crystallize it.  You’ll also notice the water will taste and feel better compared to standard sodium softened water due to the reduced concentration of sodium in the water.

filtersorb no-salt water conditioners
Filtersorb no-salt water conditioners
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