Thursday, April 17, 2014

Advice For Living Off-The-Grid


Have a camp off grid. Solar power, dug well 15 feet , 36 " wide. Well pumps to holding tank 450 gal. on second floor. Gravity feed from there. I have installed a small pump [used in campers] to boost water pressure for shower, other wise gravity feed to sink and toilet. Have 110v available. I need advise on UV water treat options and pre-treatment including filtration for the UV.

Thanks, Robert

Hello Robert,

We have many customers who use our non-electric manual backwash filter systems and DC powered UV sterilizers to filter and sanitize spring and well waters.

For a shower and sink and toilet, 6 gallons per minute models would be a good flow size UV to get. We have one model, from Atlantic UV that is 12VDC, that is very good, the MIN-6:
MIN-6 12v/ DC 6 GPM
In the 6 GPM models, we also have the WonderLight UV PC-6, which is 12VAC,
and has a 120v powercord transformer. It uses 20W.

A good manual backwash non-electric sediment filter, which filters down to
the 5 to 10 micron range is the Sediment Backwash 2510Manual:
Sediment Backwash 2510Manual
For filtration of surface waters, we recommend ceramic drip filters for

Katadyn TRK Drip Ceradyn Filter Ceramic

Here is a diagram of a typical installation. These systems are designed to be easily installed by any plumber or person familiar with basic plumbing.
To browse these and other systems, check out our online store. For more information about UV water treatment, read through our how-to guides. We hope this information helps you solve your problems, if you have any further questions, or would like to update us on the progress of your water treatment systems - we love pictures and testimonials! - you can reach us at or on Facebook. Thanks for the letter!