Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How Can I Remove Fluoride for My House Water?


I would like to find a system that reduces fluoride from 2.0 mg/L.  We are happy with all other aspects of the water.  I would prefer something that would be compatible with the existing plumbing.  Laundry supply can be easily split off. I already have a Fleck water softener, but now we are looking for something to remove fluoride for the whole house.


Hello Larry,

Fluoride Whole House Filter Thanks for e-mailing us.  Although the EPA allows up to 4.0 mg/L of fluoride in drinking water, we generally recommend a fluoride concentration of 1.0 mg/L or less, so it is good that you are looking to reduce the fluoride in your system.  You'll find that you have quite a few options for doing so, though it's important to choose the right method based on the size of your water system.

Water distillers, reverse osmosis systems, and fluoride filters containing activated alumina can all be used to reduce fluoride at one tap or in small quantities for drinking.  For whole house systems, larger-sized fluoride filters are necessary.  Typically these systems employ a special metal oxide media designed for fluoride removal.  Pretreatment and total system design is important.

This fluoride cartridge filter works well, and is compatible with existing plumbing.  The pipe size is 1", but can be easily reduced to 3/4":

Fluoride Whole House Filter 13,000 PPM
Fluoride Whole House Filter 13,000 PPM
  • Whole House or Under-Sink Fluoride Filter 4.5 x 20" big blue style
  • These filter elements are designed to reduce fluorides in drinking water to below 0.5 ppm.
  • Change every 13,000 gallons depending on local water chemistry
  • Constructed with FDA-approved materials
  • Laboratory tests show that this preparation will improve the capability of the filter to reduce the fluoride levels from 10 ppm F+ to below 0.2 ppm F+.

Some customers will order and install them in parallel for homes with over 2.5 bathrooms, but a single filter should be sufficient for most homes with 1 - 2.5 bathrooms.

Thanks for the e-mail, Larry.  If you have any other questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to email or call us.