Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Whole House Water Filter For Chloramine Removal From City Water

Hi - Looking for info on home activated carbon systems.  Currently using cartridge type that I have to change each month.  I will have a big blue type sediment filter installed upstream of carbon unit.  Electricity and drain are available (for backwash type unit).  No UV filter currently and do not wish to install one if at all possible.  I have 2 bathroom home, wife and 2 kids.  I am concerned about chloramine removal as our city uses chloramines.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Hello Erich,

AquaSorb Carbon Backwash Filters There are some great low cost options these days for whole house carbon filters.

One of the best carbon filter media to use is a catalytic carbon called AquaSorb MX.  AquaSorb MX, removes chlorine and chloramines.

For a 1 to 3 bathroom home, the 1.5 cubic foot size carbon backwash filter works well.   I am on city water too and our water is very high in chlorine.  I have used the 1.5 cubic foot carbon filter at our home for about 8 years and changed the carbon in it twice over that time.  I have three kids and the carbon lasts about 4 years.

Since it backwashes with chlorinated water, there is no need for a UV.  Bacteria growth is not a big problem in the backwash-type carbon filters.

Catalytic Carbon Filter 165 1.5CF
Note the backwash does not remove chlorine or chloramines from the carbon.  It does clean the carbon of sediment and rust from pipes that can foul the carbon.  It also stirs up the carbon media and reclassifies the media bed so it can work a little better. 

There are also upflow carbon filters available that do not backwash available, but for most applications the backwash type works a little better as it keeps the media cleaner and fresher.