Monday, June 10, 2013

How To Treat Well Water With Sulphur, Iron & Manganese

Hey -    Our home is supplied by well water and we have some serious problems.  I am looking for a whole house filtration system that can handle sulphur odors, iron and manganese.  Sometimes our water is black and smells like rotten-eggs.  I have tried water softeners, filters and adding bleach down the well and nothing lasts long.

I emailed you a water test done by a local company, but they think I need a better fancier water softener, and my wife doesn’t think our water is that hard. Mainly we want clear water with no staining or odor.

Perhaps the best thing about our well is the water pressure, we have a lot of water and great water pressure since we had the well pump changed.  What kind of whole house water filter will work best of my situation?

Phil S

Hello Phil,

MangOX Iron Filters
A very effective way to remove iron, bacteria, manganese, and odor from well water is by using an automatic chlorinator, followed by a MangOX iron filter.  By automatically chlorinating the water prior to a MangOX iron filter the water is pre-treated so various contaminants in the water that can be oxidized (such as iron, manganese and tannin).

Iron filters oxidize (turn to rust) dissolved ferrous iron in water to an insoluble particle and trap the iron (now "rust") in the iron filter media. A periodic backwash cleans out the rust and flushes the filter media clean. The system also can thoroughly disinfect the water of iron and sulfur bacteria and if eliminate coliform bacteria if present.

The well water chlorination system dramatically extends the life of MangOX iron filter media and allows these systems to remove much higher levels of these contaminants. No other chemicals, salt, or filter cartridges are needed.

These systems are easy to install by any plumber or person familiar with basic plumbing and very easy to maintain yourself. The system is fully automatic, just add some plain Clorox or pool bleach every few months to the solution tank, the system does the rest.

Carbon Backwash Filters
An optional carbon whole house filter can be used as a second barrier for very high levels of iron and odor, and to remove any trace residual of the chlorine.  No chlorine residuals enter the septic tank if the carbon filter is used, although septic tanks are not affected by these very low levels of chlorine, even if no carbon filter is used.

The result is clean, disinfected, odor-free, iron-free water throughout the home with no noticeable effect on pressure or flow, and no filter cartridges to clean or change.  This is a very effective whole house water filtration system.

See below for a diagram of the system, and links to the products online for more information: