Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Well Water Treatment of Iron and Rusty Water

Dear Sir,

Our family uses well water and we are looking for information on whole house water filtration systems.  Our main problems are sediment, red or orange stains and bad tastes in the water.  Rusty water is what we have. The water does not have a strong odor to it except for the iron, and we think it is safe to drink but it makes a mess of the laundry and sinks.

I think I need to test the water, as it has been about 5 years since we bought our house, which was the time of the last test.

Any information or help you can provide is appreciated.

Pacific, Missouri


It is likely your well water is high in iron.  Please see the link to our iron treatment guide, it has a lot of good information in it regarding iron filtration:

A whole house water filtration system for well water using an iron filter is likely all you need, but it is best to test the water first. For one thing, iron treatment is strongly dependent upon the pH, or acidity of your water.  We have the following basic test kit that would provide us with all of the necessary information in order to make a proper recommendation:

Basic Well Water Test, Kit with Lab Analysis

Kit with Lab AnalysisWell Water Test kit includes easy do-it-yourself tests each for alkalinity, copper, chlorine, hardness, iron, nitrate, nitrite, pH... PLUS a free lab analysis in our lab. Includes special sample bottles that will preserve your sample. Simply return pre-paid mailer for professional analysis in our lab at no charge which includes a general mineral analysis and additional critical tests for manganese, tannin and ORP. No postage due.

A professional WQA Certified Water Specialist will review each test and send you a report with recommendations, if any are needed. Return mailer includes postage paid for U.S. customers. All you need to do is fill sample bottles provided with water, drop in the mail and we will contact you soon with professional results, and recommendations needed if any.

This kit allows you to test at home and also receive a professional analysis and report.