Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sediment Backwash Filter for Fine Clay

Looking for a well water treatment system. I have a well water supply and am experiencing fine clay in water. Currently using a 20 inch water filter with 5-50 micron solid core filter. Works ok but clogs up after 4 weeks. I was wondering whether your backwash filter SF002020 Sediment Filter 7000-SXT 2.0 CF  should be installed. The house has 6 people and is fed from a cistern with one half horsepower pump.  What do you recommend?

Flagstaff AZ

Hello Tracy - The Chemsorb Sediment Backwash Filter would be a great solution for Blue Tankyou.  It filters down to 5 microns and has a much greater filtration capacity than a 20” filter cartridge.  In terms of filtering performance, anything that a 50/5 micron filter cartridge can do, the Sediment backwash filter can do better.  The main advantage though is that you will no longer need to change out the filters routinely, and the automatic backwashing cycle will clean out the media without any regular maintenance on your behalf.

The sediment backwash filter clarifies well water, removing very fine particles, rust and sediment without the use of chemicals or filter cartridges. Chemsorb is a high purity, low sodium, natural, zeolite mineral (14 x 40 mesh) that has an ANSI/NSF Standard 61 Listing. The material is mined, crushed, dried and double-screen sized to produce a high quality filter media that has a high through-put capacity at low differential pressure. Compared to filter sand and some other filter media you can get more water flow with less pressure lost.

Since you already have a cartridge filter, we suggest you keep that in line and install the sediment backwash filter prior to the cartridge filter, and change the cartridge to a 1 micron filter.  The sediment backwash filter will keep the filter cartridge clean, and if there is any sediment less than 5 microns, it will remove those particles.