Wednesday, January 2, 2013

How to Treat Well Water For Iron Bacteria and Rotten-Egg Odor with Chlorine Or Hydrogen Peroxide

My question is: I have well water that is high in iron (4.0 ppm) but I also have iron bacteria.   There is a slight odor of sulfur as well.  Should I use chlorine, or is hydrogen peroxide better? What is the difference?


If you are concerned about bacteria being in the well water, we recommend adding chlorine with a metering pump which would feed into a contact tank.  Inside the contact tank, you are able to have disinfection occur.  The benefit of adding chlorine is that it will also help with the iron filtration as well as extend the life of the filtration media.  To remove the iron a heavy-duty MangOx filter would work well. It would be able to filter out iron that has been oxidized by chlorine.  The result of these two systems together would be disinfected water without any iron staining.

Hydrogen peroxide can be used by this same system.  The benefits of using peroxide are that no chlorine byproducts are added to the water.  For example, chlorine bleach is sodium hypochlorite, so you are inadvertently injecting some sodium into the water as well as chlorine.  Many people use regular household bleach which can contain harmful trace metals and chemicals, whereas hydrogen peroxide breaks down into oxygen and water, and leaves no unwanted trace elements.


45MHP10 Stenner w/ 15 gal tank 220VMetering Pump & Tank: 45MHP-10 Stenner Pump with 15 gallon heavy-duty polyethylene solution tank;

Pump output 0.5 to 10.0 gallons per day (1.9 to 37.9 liters per day); voltage 115 or 220V; 60 Hz. (NOTE: Voltage should match that of well pump so that it can be wired to switch on only when pumping water) This is a complete system that comes with everything you need: solution tank; metering pump; tubing; fittings; and injection check valve.

Excellent Warranty:  1 Year on the metering pump

Tank Contact Mixing 40 Gallon 16 x58Tank Contact Mixing 40 Gallon 1-1/4 inch inlet.

The CT-40 tank is a durable easy-to-install retention tank designed to provide optimum contact time during chemical treatment. These lightweight seamless totally non-corrosive retention tanks are ideal for new and replacement installation where durability is at a premium. 100% non-metallic polymer materials. Impervious to chemical attack. 

2 sizes to choose from, same price  Either 16”Diameter  x 58”Tall or 21” Diameter x 36” Tall

Excellent Warranty:  5 Years from date of installation.

Vacuum Breaker Relief Valve 1/2Vacuum Breaker, ½” mpt.  

Vacuum breaker relief valve Watts 1/2" male 200 PSI maximum.

Required for contact and retention tanks to prevent vacuum in system and avoid imploding vessel.


MangOX Iron Filter 7000-SXT 1.5 CFMangOX Iron Filter 7000 1.5 CF

MangOX is a media that utilizes an oxidation-reduction reaction and filtration process similar to Greensand, but at a much higher level of performance.  Uses the Enpress tank with Vortech distributor which allows the MangOx media to be backwashed at lower flow rates with less water, saving water and energy.

Dimensions: 10" diameter x 61" height   1” or ¾" pipe size

Excellent warranty: 10 years on the MangOx media tank; 5 years on the control valve


 Here is a diagram showing the equipment installed:

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns and I will be happy to help.