Wednesday, December 19, 2012

How Can I Remove Very Fine Sand From My Well Water?

We are looking for a sediment backwash filter to remove very fine sand from our well water system. Our flow rate is up to 50 gpm. We currently have a LAKOS Centrifugal Separator installed but it does not do the job. Any suggestions?"



Hello - It is not a bad idea to keep your Lakos separator but for very fine sand, a finer screen filter is necessary.  After your Lakos separator, and after the pressure tank, you could install a flushable filter screen with 60 mesh.
Auto-Flush Valve and Timer for Filter Strainers
Spin Out Sand Separator 

A 2" size would be good to use, to have the larger screen and sump:


These filter screens are also called ‘spin down filters” and can be cleaned by opening up a valve on the filter and giving it a flush 10 – 20 seconds.  These units also can be ordered with an optional auto-flush valve that make the flushing automatic.


If there is very fine silt or particles smaller than fine sand, we also have Sediment Backwash filters that filter to 5 microns: