Thursday, October 4, 2012

Question Regarding Acid Well Water

Questions -  I have very low pH, around 5.0.   I am also getting a lot of blue stains on my fixtures from my corroding copper pipes.  There are 4 persons in our home and 2 bathrooms.  Which neutralizer works best for us?  Can I use a calcite type neutralizer?

Acid water can be very corrosive to copper pipe.  See this picture on a section of copper pipe we cut from a customer home. It was leaking and the pipe was only 6 years old.  The green corrosion is a result of the acidic water.

A Calcite-Blend neutralizer filter will neutralize the pH and help eliminate the corrosive effects of the water by simply using Calcium Carbonate (Calcite) and Magnesium Oxide (Corosex or Flomag).  Many customers with this type of water used to have blue-green stains from copper pipe corrosion and after installing the neutralizer see their blue stains disappear within a few weeks.

The neutralizer filter comes with everything you need including the Calcite/Corosex media and simple instructions. Any plumber or person familiar with basic plumbing can install them.

Our Fleck 7000 series of professional-grade filter systems feature high-flow rates with a minimum of pressure loss, feature automatic controls for backwashing, and are quite Maintenance free.  The Vortech mineral tank also utilizes a unique backwashing system allowing for an improved backwash using less water as well.

Please see below for additional information, as well as attachments, and product links.

Acid Neutralizer, Calcite-Blend 7000  1.5 Cubic Foot Size:                  

Price includes free pH test kit to be sure of correct operation, contains all necessary media to get up and running. Uses approximately 25 to 50 lbs of calcite media per year and is easily added via dome hole on tank.

This size is correct for a home like yours with 2 bathrooms.  A Free pH test kit is included to monitor performance.

Here is a link for more information about this Neutralizer for reference:

Dimensions: 10" diameter x 61" height   ¾" or 1” pipe size & bypass is included.

Shipping weight:  176 lbs.  Will arrive in several boxes, all installation information is included as well.  We also offer tech-support during your installation and down the line should you need it.

Excellent warranty: 10 years on the filter tank; 5 years on the control valve.