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How To Use a Centrifigal Sand Separator To Keep Mud and Sand From Filling Up Your Well’s Pressure Tank

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“My well water flow rate was so poor in the kitchen, I called the plumber. He said there was 'mud and sand in the pressure tank'. Is there a good filter for that?”

Yes the best way settle out large heavy particles such as mud and sand before the water reaches the pressure tank, is by using a centrifugal sand separator to trap the sand, followed by a turbidity backwash filter to remove finer silt and sediment.

Sand separators are available with an automatic flush valve to purge the accumulated mud on a schedule without requiring any manual maintenance.

Sizing a centrifugal Sandmaster system is dependent on the flow rate you have (prior to your pressure tank), in terms of gallons per minute. 

We would need to know the specific flow rate in gallons per minute you have from the well, in order the select the correct size.  In the meantime, I’ve sized a system that works in the flow range of 10 to 20 gallons per minute, but we also have smaller and larger systems instead, if needed.

To figure out how many Gallons Per Minute your well pump can pump, please see this link:

Lakos Sand Master separators are the best centrifugal separator for home and commercial well water systems, especially when the water is being used for potable or domestic use.

Flow Range: 5 - 70 U.S gpm (70 - 265 liters / min.)

When Sand is a problem in your water system, consider the once-and-for-all solution that a LAKOS SandMaster Separator offers. 

Removes sand, silt & grit particles that settle in water within 3 minutes or less. Protects entire water systems from abrasive wear, clooging and premature replacement:

* Extends the life and operating cycles of water softeners, under-sink R.O. systems & water treatment/cartridge systems
* Eliminates build-up in hot water heaters, ice-makers, toilet tanks and other water-related appliances
* Minimizes clogging of washing machine inlet screens and faucet aerators / screens cleaner water for all your residential fresh water requirements
* Model selection requires only matching the water system's pump flow. Oversizing is not recommended.
* Easy to install.
* Automatic valve options for maintenance-free operation.

Performance Tested
Independent testing confirms that SandMaster removes 200 mesh (74 micron) sand, silt and other settleable particle matter to protect water systems from troublesome, abrasive solids.
No screens, cartridges or filter elements to clean or replace
Centrifugal action removes sand, silt &scale from water
Installs with no potential for system clogging or pressure loss
The SandMaster installs between the pump and pressure tank (see diagram) eliminating the potential for system pressure loss. will not clog or reduce pump flow

Certified models are NSF Certified as low lead products and complaint with California's drinking water standard, according to Health and Safety Code Section AB1953
H2O - 05 Sandmaster
H2O - 10 Sandmaster
H2O - 20 Sandmaster
H2O - 30 Sandmaster
H2O - 45 Sandmaster

Optional – Automatic Purge Kit

Featuring a full-port, straight-through flow path and a simple controller with daily purging options

How to Determine Sizing

Each model of the SandMaster operates best within a specific flow range.
Do not simply use your system pipe size to determine the SandMaster model that will work best to remove sand and sediment from your water supply. Model selection should be based on flow rate.

To determine your flow rate:

1. If you have an outlet valve between the pump and the pressure tank, open it fully and record the volume of water (liters or gallons) that comes out of the valve in one minute.
2. If you only have an outlet valve (faucet) between the pressure tank and the house, turn off all other water outlets and record the volume (liters or gallons) and time between when the pump shuts off and when it starts again.

How Will I Know If It Will Remove the Sand?

To determine if a SandMaster separator will work for your water, we recommend you perform the “Bucket Test”. 
This will show you what the sand separator will remove.

Bucket Test:
Have a watch or timer on hand
* Fill a clean white five gallon bucket as fast as possible with water from the well and then begin timing it in minutes.
* Whatever settles out to the bottom in 3 minutes or less is what will be removed the separator.

Select the SandMaster model based on the results of your flow rate determined on the diagram above.

In order to treat finer and sediment that the sand separator cannot remove, we recommend a Sediment Backwash Sediment filter.  

The Sediment Backwash Filter would be installed after your pressure tank and remove silts, clay, and turbidity.  The high purity natural mined Zeolite ChemSorb media filters and removes sediment down to 5 microns. 

Unlike filter cartridges that quickly become clogged and require frequent changes, the Backwash Sediment Filter automatically backwashes the sediment restoring water pressure. The media is easily changed and lasts for about 5 years. 

The following is a size that is good for a home with up to 3 or 3.5 bathrooms however we do offer both smaller and larger systems as well.

Our 5900e series of professional-grade filter systems feature high-flow rates with minimum pressure loss, are completely automatic, and quite maintenance free.  Simply program the days to backwash, set the time, and done. 

Sediment Backwash Filter 1.5 Cubic Foot, 115 Volt.

¾ , 1”, or 1 ¼ pipe connectors and bypass is included.  All installation and start-up guides will be sent directly to you and we are available for tech-support as well should you have questions either after installed or down the line.

Features High purity natural Zeolite/Chemsorb media, NSF certified.  Backwash rate is 5 gpm, with max service flow rates of 12 gpm available with minimal pressure loss.

Dimensions:  10” Diameter x 61” Tall with valve attached.  All instructions for installation are included as well as professional tech-support should you need it during install or down the line.

Excellent warranty: 10 years on the media tank; Industry leading 7 years on the control valve.

Have Questions or need assistance with your sediment or and problem?