Tuesday, September 27, 2016

How Can I Add An Ozone System to Treat Iron

Hello Robert,

Thank you for contacting us through our website.  You wrote:

“120 grains hardness, 8ppm Iron.  Have Water softener, would like add Ozone system.  Sulfate @ 1481mg/L, Ca @ 608mg/L”

Ozone is a good option, though it is costly to set up and is a lot less common than aeration or chlorination.  Do you have a storage tank you could use?  

Ozonation requires a decent amount of contact time and sufficient output in order to oxidize iron and manganese sufficiently, and it’s important to point out that the oxidation alone isn’t sufficient.

You would still need to have a backwashing iron/manganese filter in-line to actually collect the oxidized rust particles.  

So it doesn’t really do away with the need for a backwashing system, though it could allow you to use a different type of system and avoid chemical regeneration.

Ozone treatment is elaborate and requires contact time, so if you don’t have a storage tank, you’ll need to set up a contact tank for contact time.  

You can keep your existing water softener though to treat the hardness.  The order would be well > ozone > pressure tank > iron filter > softener.

We offer this complete package below to give you an idea of ozone system pricing for addressing high iron and manganese.


POE10: 1.3Grams/Hour 1/2 Horsepower pump,  115 or 220 Volt:        

The system includes a CD-10AD ozone generator with built-in air dryer; stainless steel re-circulation pump; contact vessel; injector manifold; delay timer; backflow prevention; recirculation loop; off-gas vent; and SCFH flow meter. 

Construction of this unit allows for straight-forward installation and plumbing.  A time delay unit is pre-installed to turn the system off after the well is off in the range of 15 seconds – 999 hours.  Second option is POE 12, cost is $8,660.00, spec’s on each are below.

Dimensions:  68” Tall x 29” Wide x 29” deep.  Contact tank is 30 gallons, plumbing connections are 1” NPT

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