Tuesday, November 24, 2015

How to Neutralize Corrosive Water

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Thank you for contacting us through our website.  You wrote:
“We calculated our water flow rate at 4 GPM and our water's pH is 6.14. We'd like to know which calcite filters are appropriate for our house. We have no other problems to take care of.”

To raise your low pH, a 5900 series calcite Neutralizer Filter would neutralize the pH and eliminate the corrosive effects of the water.  Many customers with this type of water used to have blue-green stains from copper pipe corrosion and after installing the neutralizer see their blue stains disappear within a few weeks.  The Neutralizer filter comes with everything you need including necessary calcite media and simple instructions. Any plumber or person familiar with basic plumbing can install them. 

Even though your flow rate is a little on the low side, you do have enough water to backwash and operate a 1.0 cubic foot neutralizer in a 10” x 44” tank.  Since you have a pressure tank, you can actually supply a higher flow rate while the pressure tank is emptying out for the first half of the backwash, so you can really supply a little bit more for the beginning of the backwash cycle.

Calcite Neutralizer 5900 1.0 CF 

Calcite Neutralizer 5900

Price includes FREE Shipping & free pH test kit to be sure of correct operation

Includes all Calcite media necessary to get up and running with shipment

Dimensions: 10" diameter x 51" height   ¾" or 1” pipe size bypass is included
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Excellent warranty: 10 years on the filter tank; 5 years on the control valve.
 See the diagram below:

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