Monday, November 30, 2015

Goal: Non-Staining, Drinkable Water

Hello Bob,

Thank you for contacting us through our website.  You wrote:

“our well is 330' deep has high tds, methane gas is also present. We have 2 quotes from local companies with wide difference in cost and system design. There is also 50 mg of silica in samples. Goal is drinkable water that doesn't stain fixtures.“

Our recommendation in this case is to install an advanced Duke Aerator system (for methane removal) and then on to an EPRO 4500 reverse osmosis system.  This would feed into an included storage tank and redistributed with a booster pump and pressure tank.

Finally, it is best to pass the water through a small simple calcite filter after the RO system, so as to increase the pH of the water and keep it from being corrosive.
The following is the overview of the individual systems and what role they play in treatment.  This is intended to be informative but without going into too much detail… please give us a call to talk it over and smooth out the specifics.

Please see below:

Duke Indoor Aerator, 160 Gallon, 220 volt:       

Duke Indoor Aerator
All Duke aerator systems come standard with a shrouded hp submersible pump; pressure tank; solenoid valve with coil; drain pipe with ball valve; 220 volt line cord; spray bar; draw pipe; 0-100 pressure gauge; 115 volt pump up switch; pump down switch; and installation instruction. 160 gallon tank.Well water enters the Aerator Tank after your existing well pump and pressure tank. The Aeration manifold scrubs, oxidizes, and aerates (mixing of air and water), and the Sulfur Gas is blown out via the Exhaust Blower System through a 3" PVC or similar pipe, and vented outside the home.  The Sulfur Gas escapes into the atmosphere.
Also, installed vertically inside the Aerator Tank is a submersible pump needed to re-pressurize the water supplying the home or building. A companion pressure tank is included for the Aerator submersible pump. The System is fully automatic with automatic refilling and shutoff controls:

Dimensions: 30.5"" x 60"". Constructed of all FDA approved materials.

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EPRO-4500-XP Complete Whole House Reverse Osmosis System

EPRO-4500-XP Complete Whole House Reverse Osmosis System

  • 4500 Gallons Per Day (11.4 cubic meters per day) Heavy-Duty Commercial Reverse Osmosis System with Storage Tank and Repressurization Booster Pump System.
  • This system produces high quality purified water by reverse osmosis thin film (TFC) membrane using a high pressure pump (included).
  • It includes a 300 gallon polyethylene storage tank; a 1/2 HP booster pump and 20 gallon bladder pressure tank with 7.5 gallons of draw-down (pressure switch set to turn on at 20 psi and off at 40 psi).
  • The reverse osmosis system automatically fills the storage tank with purified water.
  • This commercial reverse osmosis system removes total dissolved solids; chlorides; sodium; boron; fluoride; minerals and other salts using high-rejection high quality thin-film reverse osmosis membranes.
  • Unlike light-duty systems this reverse osmosis unit includes a 1.5 HP heavy-duty stainless steel multistage centrifugal pump ensuring long life and better performance than standard rotary vane pumps.
  • The unit comes with a white powder-coated steel frame; stainless steel braided hoses; inlet solenoid valve; and stainless steel concentrate control valve.
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Upflow Calcite Neutralizer 1.0 CF

Upflow Calcite Neutralizer

Includes Top Fill Plug, Vortech Tank and Bypass

Used, in this instance, to raise pH after RO treatment so it isn’t acidic and corrosive.

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Diameter 10”
Tank Height 54”