Tuesday, July 7, 2015

What To Do If Your Well Water is Like Soda Pop (Effervescent Water)

Just purchased a new home with a well and when the water was tested it came back as "Soda Water". Not good to drink, the water tastes terrible. Is there a treatment system to get rid of the "Soda" in the well water so that we can use it.

We had the water tested a year ago when we bought the property. I currently live in New Mexico and the house with the water problem is in Colorado. The report is at the house in Colorado so I cannot send you a copy right now but we plan to go there next week and I will get a copy off to you. I can’t remember exactly what it says so I can’t confirm that it is high TDS and alkalinity, but if that is what you have when they tell you that you have soda water then I will take your word.


Hi Mike,

Really we’d need to see the report to give you much of an estimate on total cost, because depending on whether there’s an issue with the pH or high TDS that could make the cost fluctuate by several thousand dollars.

Overall though, we’ll be recommending this Duke Aerator system to allow water to spray into a large tank and off-gas.  It’s a large tank with nozzles to spray the water in, and it comes with a pressure tank and submersible pump to re-distribute it onto your home.

Please see below:

Duke Indoor Aerator, 350 Gallon, 220 volt:                     
Duke Indoor Aerator
All Duke aerator systems come standard with a shrouded hp submersible pump; pressure tank; solenoid valve with coil; drain pipe with ball valve; 220 volt line cord; spray bar; draw pipe; 0-100 pressure gauge; 115 volt pump up switch; pump down switch; and installation instruction. 350 gallon tank.Well water enters the Aerator Tank after your existing well pump and pressure tank. The Aeration manifold scrubs, oxidizes, and aerates (mixing of air and water), and the Sulfur Gas is blown out via the Exhaust Blower System through a 3" PVC or similar pipe, and vented outside the home.  The Sulfur Gas escapes into the atmosphere.
Also, installed vertically inside the Aerator Tank is a submersible pump needed to re-pressurize the water supplying the home or building. A companion pressure tank is included for the Aerator submersible pump. The System is fully automatic with automatic refilling and shutoff controls.

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