Thursday, July 2, 2015

Water Test Results Show Hardness and Iron

Hello Mr. Fernandez,

Your water test results have been completed, please see attached for your records.  Essentially this water has a level of hardness as well as a trace level of iron (0.4 ppm).  This is easily taken care of by a heavy-duty Water Softener along with  shocking your cold and hot plumbing with Peroxide or Clorox to destroy any odor-causing biofilms which might have built up in the household plumbing.

As an option for a drinking water system in the kitchen so as to remove the salts (TDS) I’ve included a Reverse Osmosis as well.  This will provide bottled water quality available right at your fingertips with the salts having been removed.

A Water Softener will help in treating the water and removing Calcium/Magnesium which in turn will stop in water spotting, scale buildup, etc.  Clothing lasts longer when washed in softened water, less over all soap usage is dramatically decreased as well.  The unit I’ve recommended is reliable and quite user friendly as well.  This size is good for a home with up to 3 bathrooms however we do offer smaller and larger sizes as well.

The following will show images, product links, as well as pricing on the equipment as recommended.

Softener 5700e 24KSoftener 5900e Series- 48K Size, 1.5 cu. Ft.                                  

Includes 1 inch or 3/4 inch pipe connectors; by-pass valve; 1.5 cubic feet of heavy-duty Softener resin; heavy-duty brine tank; and 5900e Series NSF Certified digital metered-regeneration control valve.  Ease of service along with a simple user interface are a big plus with this valve.
Excellent quality and should last for years to come, typically 10+ as long as is backwashing normally and using the proper amount of salts.  These are quite efficient with usage, thus would use approximately 12 lbs of salt per 2,200 Gallons used.

Please see more product information here.
Dimensions:  10”x 54” Tank, with the valve is approximately 61” tall.  All instructions on assembly are included as is tech-support as well.  Brine Tank is 18” D x 33” Tall, other sizes available.
Excellent Warranty:  7 years on the control valve; 10 years on the media and salt container tanks

USA High-Flow 4-Stage 60 GPD RO SystemUSA High-Flow 4-Stage 60 GPD RO System
  • 60 Gallons Per Day (GPD) Thin Film Composite Membrane
  • Includes faucet, tank, and tubing
  • NSF Certified Quick-Connect Fittings
  • NSF Certified Metal Bladder Tank
  • NSF Certified 10 Micron Carbon Block
Comes complete with easy-to-follow installation instructions.
Please see more product information here.