Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Whole House Water Filter for Removing Grit

Hello Virginia,

Thank you for contacting us through our website.  You wrote:

“There is grit in my tap water. The town water dept says they have done no flushing or work that would cause this. We noticed it three days ago and it is not getting better. The grit is visible in the bottom of our white sink and settles in drinking glass”

There are many sediment types that could be the cause of your gritty water. These sediments can tell you what kind of problem you're really having at the core of your water system. Knowing what problem you have can help you determine which water treatment system would be best. 

For instance, if you see black flakes, sand or grit, it could mean that your water heater lining is deteriorating. If you can find particles or black grit, it could mean that there is corrosion on the lining of your galvanized pipes. If the particles in your water turns out to be sand, there might be some issue with the source of your water.

We offer a few different options for cleaning up water that has grit in it.  Most commonly this can be removed from water by using a simple spindown screen filter to remove the visible grit and suspended matter.  For most sediment problems, we recommend sediment backwash filters. These filters mainly offer better filtration, with higher flow rates. They offer 
efficient backwashes that use less water and require backwashing less frequently. Not only that, sediment backwash filter's automatic control feature also makes the process more convenient for you. 

Rusco Spindown Filter Strainer, 3/4” ports, 60 mesh

Rusco Spindown Filter StrainerThe unique design of the sediment trapper element allows debris to settle in the bottom of the clear cover, trapping sediment away from the screen.

Great for removing large quantities of sediment. Includes 1/2" flush ball valve, but can be combined with the Rusco Auto-Flush Valve for automatic flushing.

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Sediment Filter 5900e .75 CF

Sediment Filter 5900e

Enhanced water quality through filtration down to 5 microns

One-piece seamless polyester construction for longer system life

Fully adjustable backwash and rinse cycles, saving water and maximizing performance

High purity natural zeolite 14 x 40 inch mesh

NSF Certified

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