Friday, May 29, 2015

What is the Difference Between a Standard Filter Tank and a Vortex Filter Tank?

I am looking at a calcite system, what are the differences between a standard tank and the vortex?   Thank you,

Hi Don,
You are referring to the Vortech Tank manufactured by Enpress.
Here’s our official descriptions of the different tank options:
PolyGlass Tank: This our standard tank, very well made with ABS inner shell and fiberglass exterior.
These tanks come with a filter gravel underbed, which means the filter gravel is added first, then the filter media is added on top of the filter gravel. This works well, lasts for many years and is our lowest cost tank.
Enpress Vortech Tank: This is a more expensive tank that has the bottom distributor built-in to the bottom of the tank. The Vortech tank does not require a filter underbed and the distributor tube itself cannot later be removed. One advantage of the Vortech tank is that uses less backwash water, as the tank is slightly more efficient at lifing the filter media up during the backwash.

Basically, the Vortech tank gives you a better, more efficient and more effective backwash.  We find it to be useful with calcite neutralizer systems.  The Vortech doesn’t require any gravel bed; it just consists of calcite media inside the tank.  It isn’t necessary, but we find that it does a better job of cleaning out and loosening the calcite media bed.

I hope this is helpful, please email or call us with any questions.