Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Can I Use a Portable Ozone Generator to Clean Air of Mold?

“I am looking for a portable ozone generator for cleansing the air of mold, etc where I live....but also as I travel. Would this work? I thought it could run while I'm in the room, but your website states not to be in the room at the same time.”

Hello Marcia,

Thank you for contacting us through our website. I’m assuming you’re referring to this Ozone 500-I generator here, is that right?

Ozone 500-I Ozone & Negative Ion Generator:  
Produces 0.5 grams/hour of ozone and creates a strong residual of ozone within minutes.  Built in timer allows to run for up to 30 minutes.  Can also be used to sanitize/remove odors in rooms as well.  Negative-ion generator generated 3 Million pcs/cm3 for fast treatment of air quality. 

Dimensions:  9.8” Tall x 6.5” Wide x 2.5” Deep

For more details, click here.

We sell these small ozone generators to treat water, but some customers do use them for air treatment.  Ozone can kill molds and  eliminate odors in the air.  It is not recommended to stay in the room while the ozone generator runs or breathe ozone gas, but you can run the negative-ion generator, which also does a great job at reducing dust and odors.
It’s not a good idea to breath in ozone, it can cause irritation of the lungs and throat.  So ideally, we recommend not being around while it runs.  It doesn’t have to run for very long, so just taking off for ten to twenty minutes or so is usually fine.

Are you in California?  Note that California regulations prohibit the sale and use of ozone generators for treating air.  See this link for more information.
Please note the Ozone 500i is a dual function machine.  The built-in negative ion generator is effective in treating air and is not banned in California.   The California Air Resources Board is mainly interested in prohibiting the use of ozone-emitting machines that will create dangerous levels of ozone gas where people may be present.
The Ozone 500i is widely used to clean fruits and vegetables of bacteria, dirt and chemical residues as well.