Wednesday, February 18, 2015

How Can I Neutralize or Raise pH in My Well Water When It is Between 4 and 5?

I have a question. I bought a small one bath cottage with a shallow well jet pump. It is on the Chesapeake Bay. The PH level is between 4 and 5. I believe I need a Soda Ash system. Is that the best way to raise the pH in my well water? What do you suggest?”

John G.

That’s true, to raise your pH up from such a low level, we would advise using a soda ash injection system. Soda ash is made of sodium carbonate, which reacts with the dissolved acidity in your water to bring up the pH and neutralize its corrosive qualities.

This is a good alternative to a calcite (crushed limestone) neutralizer which raises hardness considerably, and it works very well for even extremely low pHs .

I recommend the 220 volt pump so that it matches the pressure switch voltage. This way, it can be wired to the pressure switch to turn on when the well turns on, so it would be injected when your water is running. We also would suggest a 35-gallon solution tank, and also an inline mixer to ensure that the soda ash mixes consistently and efficiently with your water.

Please see below for more information:



Stenner Metering Pump 85MHP40: 2.0 - 40 GPD 220V

Adjustable output pump will pump between 2.0 – 40.0 GPD.  This pump can run dry without causing any damage
Pump includes ¼”  white LDPE Polyethylene suction and discharge tubing along with inject check valve, suction strainer and fittings.

Maximum line pressure 100 PSI


35 Gallon Solution w/ Top Mount Cover

Solution tank features durable polyethylene construction and has a flat top to make mounting the pump easy.

Dimensions: 18” diameter x 33” height



Inline Mixer 1" with 1/2" Injection Port for injecting chlorine

Allows rapid mixing of chlorine solution into the water


Soda Ash – 50 lbs

Pure sodium carbonate in 50 lb bucket

Below is a diagram showing what the entire system would look like set up: