Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Well Water Treatment for Cabin

Dear sir,

This system would be for a cabin that we would be visiting approximately 1-2 weekends per month. The water has a iron-like taste to it. From the well, the house currently has a whole-house cartridge-filter, followed by a 10-year old GE water softener (which I believe doesn't work), followed by the well tank, followed by a small cartridge-filter. All PVC/CPVC plumbing. We purchased the house about 6 months ago. The real estate transfer test came up negative for coliform. When we did our first big test on our own, it came up positive for coliform.

We'd probably be interested in a UV system (we have one at our main house) to ensure we don't have any bacteria issues and something to reduce the iron taste/staining. However, the lab iron test didn't seem that high?

I know a new water softener could reduce the iron but not sure if that's the right solution given our water hardness level doesn't seem high?

We don't have a problem with sediment currently, but it appears there is some in the water, in the form of orange-ish clay, that cakes the filter media in the first cartridge we have installed. Not sure if the sulfur odor is only on the hot water end. It seems to be stronger on hot water, but still present on cold water too.”

North Carolina

Thanks for emailing.  It’s true that the analysis you submitted doesn’t show an especially high iron content, though the manganese is a little over the staining limit.  Testing for iron can be tricky and a single sample isn’t always going to give you 100% accurate representation of the actual iron content.  Between the fact that you’re seeing staining, and the fact that you have a sulfur odor problem, I would say that a treatment system is advisable.

An excellent long-lasting and highly effective iron
and sulfur filter is the Air Charger Iron Filter.  This iron filter uses natural air to oxidize the iron and remove odors and does not require any chemicals. 
This type of iron filter maintains an “air pocket” in the top of the tank while the system is in service. When the iron filter is backwashed, air is drawn into the iron filter tank which creates a pocket of air at the top of the tank. As water enters the iron filter it passes through this layer of air and air is diffused into the water.

I have also included info on a whole-house UV Sterilizer system that would work great for killing off bacteria and viruses, as per your request.  Our NSF-certified Wonderlight UV sterilizers come complete with the power supply, lamp, and sleeve. 

Air Charger Pro-OX Iron Filter 2510-AIO 1.5 CF

Air Charger Pro-OX Iron Filter 2510-AIO 1.5 CF: The Air-Charger AIO Air Injection Oxidizing Filter, as a single tank system, is an efficient and cost effective system for the removal of iron and sulfur.
The Air-Charger AIO maintains an air pocket in the top of the tank while the system is in service. As the water passes through the air pocket, iron and sulfur are oxidized.

UV Treatment:  
Wonderlight UV Sterilizer GN-15: 15 GPM  - NSF Certified
Kill bacteria and viruses without the use of chlorine or other chemicals! 15 gallons per minute maximum flow rate recommended.  Inlet and outlet is 1 inch NPT. Heavy-duty 304 stainless steel UV is suitable for water pressures up to 100 PSI.  Two end caps make it easy to access the lamp for changing from either end; not one end like some UV sterilizers. Convenient external ballast and power supply makes installation easy.

Dimensions: 3 inches diameter x 36 inches length.  Certified by the National Safety Foundation for reliability and performance.
UV lamp is rated for 9,000 hours which is approximately one year of continuous operation.

Here is an infographic showing how the system setup would look like: