Sunday, September 7, 2014

Finding a Contractor or Plumber to Install Your Well Water Filter


I am interested in ordering a water treatment system online from website.  I don’t want to install it myself, do you havesuggestions on how I can hire a contractor, or where to find one to installit?  

I was looking at the Pro-OX manganese dioxide mangox iron water filter, andthe calcite neutralizer.  I have acidic well water, as well as some iron inthe well water.

- Sharif, New Jersey

We recommend the resource below to find a contractor:

You would just enter your zip code and it will give you a list of accredited

companies that you can contact that can hopefully handle the installation:
easily.  We provide full installation instructions which you can check out here and we have full technical support over the phone during the startup procedures too.

I should also point out that any licensed plumber can handle the job

I hope this helps; please let us know if you have other questions or need more information to help plan this system setup.