Tuesday, July 8, 2014

How To Disinfect Well Water for 14 Cabins on Mountain


We are looking to chlorinate our system, but are not sure exactly what kind. It is for a shallow well supplying 14 cabins on a mountain and is prone to bacteria. We have a well pump (16 GPM) down below which pumps up to a large reservoir up the hill a short way. From the reservoir's submersible pump, it is pumped to a pressure tank and switch and from there to each of the cabins up the mountain. Hope this helps.

- Dick


All you need is this 45MPH Complete Stenner 2 Chlorination System, available for only $495 including shipping. Select the voltage of the chlorinator pump to match your well pump voltage (probably 220v).

Stenner Chlorination System
45MPH Complete Stenner 2 Chlorination System

 How The Chlorinator System Works:
The well pump is controlled by the pressure switch. A dedicated outlet for the Stenner pump is installed and wired so it is energized when the well pump is energized. When the water pressure in the pressure tank drops below the cut‐in point on the pressure switch, the well pump and metering pump turn on. As water is pumped through the system, a small amount of chlorine is pumped into the water by the chlorine metering pump.

It is best to inject the chlorine between the well and the reservoir. As the well pump fills the reservoir the chlorinator pump would inject a small amount of chlorine. View the diagram below for the order of installation (Fig.1), these systems are designed to be easily installed by any plumber or person familiar with basic plumbing:

Installation diagram
Figure 1

Wiring The Stenner Pump:
NOTE – The Stenner pump must be wired so it is switches on and off with well pump by wiring to same circuit as well pressure switch. Alternatively a Flow Switch can be used. The Stenner pump cannot just be plugged into a wall and left to run for 24 hours a day.
Figure 2

Fig.2: Typical wiring for the 220v Stenner pump on the same circuit as the well pump. Run wires from T1 and T2 (load side of pressure switch) to a dedicated wall outlet, and plug the Stenner pump into an outlet so that the Stenner pump only runs when well pump is energized. For more info about the installation, view the full installation guide online.
We have installed hundreds of chlorination systems and can give you expert advice on the exact type of chlorine solution to use, how much to use and what settings to use with your new chlorinator. We hope this information helps you solve your problems, if you have any further questions, or would like to update us on the progress of your water treatment systems - we love pictures and testimonials! - you can reach us at support@cleanwaterstore.com or on Facebook. Thanks for the letter!