Monday, December 16, 2013

New Startup and Installation Guides from Clean Water Systems


I need a start up guide and installation guide for neutralizer 7000. 
Thanks a lot,

David H.
Stanley, NC

7000 Neutralizer
with Vortech 

Distributor Tank
We're glad you asked about these, as we've been working on creating new, easier-to-understand start-up guides for our products in the form of interactive slideshows.  We've uploaded a few of them to our Slideshare account for easy viewing right in your browser.  The guide you've requested can be found here:
It includes a step-by-step description of installing and programming your 7000 neutralizer, plus a number of pictures and diagrams illustrating nearly every step of the process. 
Let us know if you find it helpful by e-mailing us at or by leaving a comment on our Facebook page.  
Thanks for the letter!