Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Who Can Install My Systems?

Today's letter is a continuation of yesterday's question.  We thought it was a good one, about a topic we haven't addressed in a while, so we wanted to share our answer:
Who is certified to install these systems in my area? 
New Brunswick, Canada 

Good question.  People often have a plumber or well pump contractor install their water treatment systems, although sometimes they will hire a plumber and an electrician to do the wiring.  Essentially any plumber or electrician can install these - they don't need any special training, and we provide step-by-step instructions as well as phone support if needed.

Hiring a plumber or electrician or installing your system yourself is your best bet if you are looking to save money on installation and equipment costs, as most water treatment dealers and contractors will include installation costs in their prices and try to sell you on additional service fees. 
If you do hire a professional, the main thing to worry about is that they are properly licensed and qualified.  If you are looking to hire a water contractor or Certified Water Treatment Professional, start by consulting the Water Quality Association website for help locating one in your area.  WQA-certified professionals pass rigorous certification exams and conform to a strict code of ethics, and will surely be able to help you install your water treatment systems.   
If contractor's licenses are required in your state, be sure that any company you hire is licensed to install your water treatment systems, and that they have liability and workers' compensation insurance.  Before hiring someone, take the time to check references from other installations in your area as well - it could save you a lot of trouble, or help you find the perfect professionals for the job.  
You can read more about recommended installation practices in our Definitive Guide to Well Water Treatment, available for free here.   
We hope this helps you get those systems up and running, and that when you do you'll send us some pictures and let us know how it's going!
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