Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Installing a Chlorinator for Use with a Storage Tank

Do you have a diagram showing how to install a chlorinator for a storage tank?  We want to install a 1500 gallon storage tank and chlorinate the water between the well and the tank. We have rotten-egg odor and some iron.

Fred L.
Anchorage AK

Hello Fred,
Good to see you're on the right track.  Chlorination is an excellent low cost method for killing rotten-egg odor and oxidizing iron and manganese.  It will work particularly will if your water's pH level is 8.0 or less; it takes a lot more chlorine to do the job when the pH is over 8.0.  As for the system you've described, see the diagram below:
Standard installation of a chlorinator, storage tank, and post-treatment filters
When the upper float switch in the storage tank drops down, the well pump and the chlorine metering pump turn on and water starts to flow into the storage tank.  A small amount of chlorine is injected as the water flows past the injection point of the chlorinator.
Depending on the water's pH, typically 1.0 PPM of chlorine is injected for every 1.0 PPM of iron.  For hydrogen sulfide (H2S) a dosage of 2.0 to 4.0 PPM of chlorine for every 1.0 PPM of H2S will suffice.
Chlorinator and Greensand iron filter
The storage tank will allow sufficient contact time for the chlorine to remove odors and oxidize iron and hydrogen sulfide.  After the tank, a MangOX or Greensand iron filter can be used to remove any oxidized particles and sediment, which are commonly present after chlorination.  Some folks will also install an auto backwash carbon filter to remove any chlorine residual and polish the water to a fine clarity.  The result is clean, disinfected, odor-free, iron-free water!
Thanks for the e-mail, Fred.  Keep us updated on your system - we love to see pictures and read testimonials.  
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