Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Softeners for Iron Removal

Sir - I am Looking for a softner that will be able to take care of 16 grains hardness and 1.5 ppm of iron.  I also want to install a cartridge filter and an ultraviolet sterilizer to kill bacteria in my well water.
Any suggestions would be most helpful, thanks!

Edward S.


Hello Edward,

A great softener especially designed for this type of application is the Fleck 2510 with fine mesh resin.  The fine
mesh resin does a great job on iron and the control valve is good for use on well water, and lasts for many years.  A 48K grain capacity softener would work well for homes with 2 bathrooms and 3 -4  persons:

Softener 2510-SXT Meter Fine Mesh Resin 48K Grain

After the water has been softened and treated for iron, the ultraviolet sterilizer will work well:
See this diagram with a typical installation with the UV sterilizer: