Thursday, September 12, 2013

Question Regarding Well Water Disinfection

I have a question. I just drilled a new well and prepping to disinfect it.  Can swimming pool chlorinated shock treatment be used?

Most, if not all water wells in the immediate area, appear to have either sulfate or iron reducing bacteria causing H2S odors-primarily from water heater. What do you recommend I used for this?  Total water system volume (including water column, gravel packed annulus, press tank, WH and distribution lines) approx 800 gals.


Hello Clliff,

You can use pool bleach to shock it.  It is best to mix the bleach with some water and recirculate it back down into the well, and then let it sit for some hours before flushing it out.  You can see more complete instructions here:

well sanitizer kit
While chlorine bleach does work, a better way to go is by using chlorine bleach powder and pellets which unlike pool chlorine, is certified for use in drinking water systems.

We have a Well Sanitizer product that is handy for that:

If the odor returns, you could install a small chlorinator or hydrogen peroxide system, followed by a whole house water purification and filtration system.