Monday, July 8, 2013

Interested in KDF Cartridge for Softener to Remove Mild Sulfur Odors for Whole House Water Filtration

I want to replace an old softener and eliminate the mild sulfur odor that is present in the hot and cold and use it for whole house water filtration.  It is very mild and not always present. I am interested in the KDF cartridge that can be added to a softener for the odor problem.

Will the Fleck 5600 (32,000 grain capacity) have room for a KDF-85 cartridge?

What is the maximum height above the unit for the drain?

Does the KDF cartridge come with the media or is that purchased separately?

I noticed when you order the cartridge it does not specific KDF 55 or 85.

What is the life expectancy of the KDF cartridge and can it be refilled?


media guardHello Vince,

Yes - the Fleck 5600 can be ordered with the KDF cartridge, it is purchased separately and works well.

Here is a link to the adapter and cartridge:

For the softeners, the maximum height recommended to connect to a drain above the top of the

media guard
softener tank, is about 6 feet. If you have very good water pressure (60 PSI or greater) you may be able to go 10 feet above the top of the softener tank.

You can select the type of cartridge you want (55 or 85) in the link above. For H2S we recommend the KDF-85 and there is no difference in price.

The KDF cartridge needs to be changed periodically. Generally they last about 3 to 5 years.