Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sand From Well Water Burned Up Water Heater Elements

I have A LOT of fine sand coming into my house. The filter got stuck inside the canister. the sand has burned a water heater element.  Please help,  the well is only 3 yrs old


Charles –

This would be a good application for a SandMaster centrifugal sand separator.


There are different models you can see, based on how many gallon per minute the well pump is pumping. It is installed before the pressure tank. The models that say "Package" means that it has an auto-flush valve, that automatically flushes the sand out.

You might consider installing after the pressure tank, a 60 mesh sand screen that can be easily cleaned: http://www.cleanwaterstore.com/twist2clean.html

It is important to know that the sand may be causing problems for your well pump, pipes and valves as well.  A well pump contractor or well driller can often fix these sort of problems with various methods.