Monday, April 8, 2013

Well Water Treatment for Blue-Green Stains

“Hello - our water is turning my wife’s hair a greenish color.  We also seem to have green / blue stains in our white sinks. We have a more than large  enough softner, a peroxide system with a stenner 85 pump cranked way down and a carbon upflow tank.  We can also smell a hint of some kind of minerals.  What would you recommend?”

Bill Smith
Little Rock, Arkansas

Dear Bill,

Blue-green staining is generally a sign that your copper piping is being corroded.  Corrosion can have many causes, and usually it is a good idea to have the water professionally tested to get a good idea of the mineral content.  Have you had a full analysis done, recently?  If not, I strongly recommend having your water further tested and analyzed.

You can either test it locally, we sell the following basic test kit that would provide us with all of the necessary information in order to make a proper recommendation:

Basic Well Water Test, Kit with Lab Analysis

Well Water Test kit includes easy do-it-yourself tests each for alkalinity, copper, chlorine, hardness, iron, nitrate, nitrite, pH... PLUS a free lab analysis in our lab. Includes special sample bottles that will preserve your sample. Simply return pre-paid mailer for professional analysis in our lab at no charge which includes a general mineral analysis and additional critical tests for manganese, tannin and ORP. No postage due.

A professional WQA Certified Water Specialist will review each test and send you a report with recommendations, if any are needed. Return mailer includes postage paid for U.S. customers. All you need to do is fill sample bottles provided with water, drop in the mail and we will contact you soon with professional results, and recommendations needed if any.

This kit allows you to test at home and also receive a professional analysis and report.

Corroded Copper Pipe
If the water is acidic, a calcite neutralizer may be needed.   However, there are many causes of corrosion so a water analysis is needed.  If you have already have a test report, please send it to us.