Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Can I Use a Hydrogen Peroxide System for My Well Without a Contact Tank?

Mr. Bulfin,

We enjoyed reading your various posts!  I also have a question about peroxide well water treatment.  Our water has a very slight sulfur odor, and it drives my wife crazy.  You can smell it in the shower, and if we leave the home for a few days, the first

water we use in the house when we return has a very bad rotten-egg odor to it.  My wife is allergic to chlorine, so we want to try peroxide.  But I have limited space. What type of system do you recommend?  By the way, the well has no coliform bacteria, our water is safe to drink as far as that goes.

John Smythe
Fresno, CA

Thanks John,

Peroxide treatment would work great for your application.  No contact tank is needed since the odor is very slight and you are not trying to disinfect for ecoli or other harmful bacteria.  You can save space and make the installation easier by using a Proportional Flow Peroxide Injection system, using the Stenner pump and PCM controller.

See diagram here:

In this system, the Stenner Pump is controlled by Pump Control Module (PCM) which is then plugged into a Pulse Water Meter.  Whenever water flows through the Water Meter the metering pump is energized to inject a small amount of Peroxide.  After the peroxide is injected, a backwashing self-cleaning  Centaur carbon simply filters the water.  No contact tank is needed in this application and the system can fit in a space of 2 feet deep by 4 feet wide.

The end result is clean, odor free water throughout the home.  Because you mention the problem with the odor in the pipes, it’s a good idea to put the carbon filter on bypass, and turn up the Stenner pump to 100% and pump in a strong solution of peroxide into the pipes. Let the water sit overnight and then put the carbon filter back in service and flush with clean water.  This will help clean out the bio-film that causes these odors in the pipes. You might need to do this once a year if your pipes are old.

Here are the main components:

45MHP10: 10 GPD 120V
P5001570    Stenner pump 45MHP10  120volt       

Adjustable output pump will pump 0.5 to 10.0 gallons (1.9 to 38 liters) per day.
Stenner pumps are self-priming and won't lose suction as is common with diaphragm chemical feed pumps.

No solution tank is included, this is simply the metering pump only.

Pump Control Module 0.5 - 5.0 Sec
P7001760    Pump Control Module 0.5 - 5.0 Seconds:        

Allows for variable speed control of Stenner pump
Voltage: 120v Plugs into any standard wall socket

3/4 Pulse Water Meter 1 G/P(8-Mrdb-1)
P7002390    ¾” Pulse Water Meter 1 G/P(8-Mrdb-1)               

For variable speed injection of chlorine
Plugs into Stenner PCM control

Allows Stenner pump to pump solution based on flow of water

Hydrogen Peroxide NSF GradeHydrogen Peroxide NSF Grade for Drinking Water
Case of 4  1-gallon containers   
Safe 7% solution.

Average use is 1/2 gallon to 1 gallon per month depending on level of contaminants and amount of water used as a whole.

Inline Mixer 1 with 1/2 Injection Port
Inline Mixer - 1" inlet -outlet with ½" injection port         

For larger line sizes, install bypass around inline mixer.  No contact tank required as Peroxide works very quickly in the oxidation process.

Allows for instant and thorough mixing of the Peroxide

Injection port makes it easy to install Stenner injection check valve.

Centaur Carbon 7000-SXT 1.5 CF
Centaur Carbon 7000 Backwash, 1.5 cubic foot 7000 115 Volt:             

All the filter media you need for the system is included. Excellent for use in de-chlorinating water, removing chloramines, and removing many tastes and odors.  Very effective catalytic carbon for removing impurities from water and suitable for a home with up to 3 ½ bathrooms.

Much longer life and higher flow rates than standard carbon. Unlike carbon cartridges which can trap sediment and dirt causing pressure drop these systems automatically backwash out trapped sediment alleviating pressure drop.

Dimensions:  10” Diameter x 61” Tall with control valve.  ¾” or 1” pipe connectors and bypass is included.  We also provide full installation and start-up guides directly to you and are available for Tech-support.


Excellent Warranty:  5 Years on Control Valve & 10 years on the media tank.

General Piping Diagram of how a Pump Control Module System works: