Monday, October 22, 2012

Which Type of Aeration System Is Best for My Well Water System?

Question: I have a Birm iron filter that works OK, but there is still some iron left in the water after the iron filter. I have been told I need to increase the oxygen content of the water for it to work completely.  Which is better, the inline air injector venturi aerators, or the air compressor type?  I don’t have that great of water pressure. It is OK but I don’t want to reduce it, and the
plumber told me the air injectors can reduce the water pressure in my home.   Thanks,

Frank L

Dear Frank,

This is a good question. Venturi air injectors are very popular due to their low cost.  A venturi works on the basis of pressure drop.  They work by sucking in air as water flows through the venturi.  They need to be installed after the well pump but before the pressure tank. The water pressure is indeed reduced when you use this type.

Another type of air injection system (which would require you to replace the entire iron filter) sucks in air when the iron filter backwashes.  This is called Charger (which is a brand) or Air Charger or AIO Iron filter, to name a few.  Unlike other air-charger type iron filters, the unique 5900-BT Control Valve allows the air pocket to be replenished each night, WITHOUT having the iron filter go through a complete backwash.

For maximum reliable air injection we would recommend using a Maxi-Vent Aeration tank system that comes with an air pump and contact tank.

The air pump (air compressor) injects air into a contact tank to build up a head of air to increase the oxidation of the water flowing through.  The system also comes with a solenoid aeration vent to off-gas excess gases and provide you with the flows necessary.  The pump is capable of being wired to your well pump or pressure switch so that it is only engaged whenever you are running water in your system.  Please see more information on this recommendation below:

Maxi-Vent Aeration System High Flow, 230 Volt               

Maxi-Vent System 230V with air-pump for aeration of water. Matches 230V well pump voltage to air compressor to come on only when using water.  Use prior to your iron filter to improve filtration.  This system is capable of handling of flow rates as high as 50 GPM without restricting flow.  Please click on the link for more information:

Dimensions: 13" diameter x 54" height   ¾" or 1” pipe size.

Excellent Warranty, 1 year on the air compressor and 10