Monday, November 5, 2012

Chlorination Injection System Needed for Hospital and Nursing School

I  run a small medical clinic with a 2000 gallon storage tank served from a well on site.  We need the water disinfected, and my estimation is that we require a dose of 3 ppm of chlorine solution.  Assuming the well pump's output is at least 10 gallons per minute, which metering pump should we select?

Our maximum line pressure is 90 PSI.  We wish the pump to be self-priming and relatively low maintenance.  We require a voltage of 220v 50hz.

What size pump should I use?  Is this something you can quote us on?

Dr Bill

Dear Dr Bill,

Yes.   We can easily calculate the size of the metering since you know the flow rate of the well pump (10 GPM), and the approximate applied dosage you wish to achieve (3 PPM).  Assume you want to use a chlorine solution of 5% chlorine, which is the same as saying 50,000 PPM.

You can use the chlorinator calculator here as well.

The formula is:

Flow Rate X Applied Dosage X 1440 (minutes in one day) divided by your solution strength in PPM.

So:   20 GPM X 3 PPM x 1440 divided by 50,000 = 1.7 GPD

What this mean is, after your well pump has pumped for 24 hours, you will have used 1.7 gallons of chlorine solution.  With this application you would need a pump that can pump 1.7 GPD.

The Stenner Pump and 15 gallon solution tank is ideal for your application. It is self-priming and easy to maintain. The Stenner 45MHP2 pump can pump 3 GPD, and be adjusted to easily pump 1.7.


45MHP-2 Metering Pump & Solution Tank

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Stenner Pump with 15 gallon heavy-duty polyethylene solution tank; Pump output 0.1 to 3.0 gallons per day (1.9 to 37.9 liters per day); voltage 220V; 50 Hz. This is a complete system that comes with everything you need: solution tank; metering pump; tubing; fittings; and injection check valve.

Excellent Warranty:  1 Year on the metering pump

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