Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Manually Backwashing Acid Neutralizer

I need to neutralize my water, but I don’t have any electricity at the site.  My water pressure comes by gravity from a storage tank.  What kind of neutralizer should I use?
You can use an acid neutralizer with manual, non-electric backwash.  Please take a look at the system below, our 2510 Manual Calcite neutralizer systems.  The 1.5 CF size works best for most homes with 1 to 3 bathrooms, but we do offer smaller and larger sizes as well.

Neutralizer 2510 Manual Calcite 1.5 CF
Rugged Fleck 2510 manual backwash control lasts for many years. Time-tested hydraulically balanced piston seal and spacers provide years of trouble-free service.

Manual control valve is easy to operate; just move lever to move to a backwash and then rinse position.

Filter tank diameter: 10 inches   -  Height including control valve: 61 inches