Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Question Regarding Chlorine Pellet Chlorination

Hi CWS -  what is the cheapest way to use chlorine pellets to kill my well water odors?  I see the feeders that drop the pellets down the well, but they are a little out of my budget.  Are there any in-line pellets feeders similar to pool pellet feeders that work with a pressure tank well water system?
Lawrence,  in  Kansas

Hello Lawrence,Yes we do have in-line pellets feeders and they work well. These can be a quite economical method of using chlorine pellets:

Dry Pellet In-Line Chlorinator Model 400   
These can be installed after your existing pressure tank.
If being used for residential applications, a whole-house carbon filter is recommended after the contact tank.   The Model 400 dry chlorine pellet feeder will operate on a varying pressure such as a home well system or on a constant pressure such as a sprinkler or pool system (up to a maximum of 75 psi). No messy chemicals; no moving parts; no electricity required.

We offer free shipping, and competitive pricing as well. Other options are available for treatment as well if you would like to discuss the matter further.